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At ERA King we see technology as the ultimate connector- connecting our agents first and foremost with clients and also, with fellow agents. People first, ERA King provides our agents with the most current technology-based tools available to meet the needs of their clients efficiently and effectively and those technologies that help them as well. Technology is the tool. People are the focus.


The use of technology at ERA King helps us to work better and harder as we strive to deliver the best experience possible for our clients and the most assistance possible for our agents. 

The latest websites, databases, and software products are chosen for the positive assistance they can bring to the buying and selling experience. They are broad-ranging and can elevate the quality of the service ERA King agents can deliver. On the technology front, ERA is unsurpassed in the development and implementation of technology-based products designed to support ERA agents as they deliver the best possible service for their clients.

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By maximizing the use of their many technology-based tools, our agents are truly connected to the world of information and opportunities that enable ERA King to focus on the future while working on the now.



  • To stay connected with our clients using multiple platforms

  • To expertly manage large amounts of critical information

  • To provide buying and selling tracking tools

  • To understand and apply sales trends to our decision-making

  • To facilitate mortgage approvals in a timely way

  • To generate and monitor sales leads

  • To enhance our marketing program

  • Adwerx




  • AgentX

  • Internal CRM System

  • Market Snapshot

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ERA King is focused on getting our message out to the public using every means possible. And, that message is that we are the agency that will do what we say. We prize personal relationships. We value honesty, professionalism, and personal attention. We don’t serve markets we serve our communities and the people who live in them.

As an ERA King agent, you are our best advertisement. You are the person who brings our promise of excellent sales experience to your clients every day and we know how important you are. An ERA agent is highly trained, motivated, capable, caring, and passionate about delivering personalized service. And as an ERA agent, you are a valuable team member with all the backing you need to succeed from yard signs and business cards to website and closings. We are a team.

We combine the power of personal relationships with straightforward media and cutting-edge technology to spread the word that ERA King is the real estate company that will deliver. Our expanded marketing program includes FOX 6 TV and advertising, an extensive radio presence on partner radio stations from Classic Rock and Country to Gospel and Talk Radio as well as billboards throughout Calhoun, Etowah, and St. Claire Counties

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